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Arute Solutions provides solutions to finance and retail sectors. We develop Artificial Intelligence and Operations Research base solutions to answer below following questions.

What is the optimum cash replenishment amounts of my cash points?(ATMs, branches, etc)

Where I should locate my ATMs?

What is the optimum distribution plans considering all constraints?

Cash+™ Product Suite offers continuous and cost-effective cash optimization recommendations for each cashpoint(ATMs, branches, etc) by analyzing cashpoint profiles with variable data such as past demands, current trends and events, seasonality and holidays.


Routing+™ is an optimized route selection product that enables the CIT (cash-in-transit) operation of banks for cashpoint, as well as the goods distribution operation of companies operating in sectors such as retail, logistics and fast consumption, to optimize against minimum cost and maximum speed.



Founded in 2009 , empowers Financial Institutions, cash service providers in driving up process optimization and bringing tangible cost reduction throughout the Cash Supply Chain. Our solutions are helping our clients to reduce cash holding costs while improving availabilities and SLAs at the same time. Through highly advanced forecasting and optimization technology from Operations Research Machine Learning and AI, our solutions maximize efficiencies, speeding up processes and increasing profitability.

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Our awards are concrete examples of our achievements.

Eureka Innovation Award

Arute Solutions Project is the winner of the prestigious Eureka Innovation Award 2015/2016 in the “Competitiveness” category.

Best Cloud Service for Vertical Markets

EuroCloud announces the winners of the 2016 European Awards Competition. Congratulations Arute Solutions Team for getting second position in the “Best Cloud Service for Vertical Markets” category.

Microsoft Software Developer Partner

We are pleased to announce that Arute Solutions has been selected as Microsoft Software Developer Partner of the year in Turkey 2016. Our partnership with Microsoft is an important part of our commitment to enterprise level software, making our customers’ lives simpler & better.


Arute Solutions raises new round of investment. We are pleased to announce that Arute Solutions raised a new round of Investment from one of the most elite investor groups in Europe. With this investment, we plan to extend our operations to 30 countries in 5 years.


Cash+™ Product Suite

Cash+™ Product Suite provides cash replenishment and collection plans to minimize the cash points (ATM & Branch) operation and interest costs. Cash+™ Product Suite create plans by using Artificial Intelligence and Operational Research Algorithms for each cash points by analyzing demand history, trends, seasonality, holidays, events etc.



Routing+™ decreases the cost of cash or product distribution by providing optimal routes according to defined constraints. With the adaptation of the Operational Research Algorithms Routing+™ decreases the cost of distribution or collection operations of in several industries.     


Data Science

In addition to the products it develops, Arute Solutions also provides its customers with data science consultancy.


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