GeoAnalytics Services

GeoAnalytics Service

Combines Geographic Information System (GIS), Machine Learning (ML) and Operations Research (OR) in a cutting edge map based platform. Custom solutions with professional service and consultancy.
Builds an advanced customer and use case specific AI & ML based decision support platform with data driven results on top of GeoAnalytics Module.

Controls hundreds of different maps and their combinations to determine the most appropriate locations according to your performance criteria.

Helps banks to find value-added locations for the selection of ATM and branch locations. In this way, customers can have the opportunity to discover where they want to trade most.

By adding geographic location to business data and mapping it, banks, ATM ISOs, and IADs can now dramatically enhance their insights into tabular data and incorporate it into their alternative channel distribution set-ups and ATM placements.

⦁ List of Best Locations
⦁ Transaction forecasting for any point on the map
⦁ Hardware Upgrades (Recycle, BNA, DCC Upgrades)
⦁ ATM Network Consolidation Analysis (Which ATMs should be kept)
⦁ ATM Branding Analysis (IAD Use Case)
⦁ Most accurate ROI analysis to increase profitability
⦁ Increase precision with AI & ML on business «Go – No Go» decisions
⦁ Proactive detection of changes in market dynamics with Near-Real-time data ingestion