Arute Solutions Support Services

Arute Solutions provides 3 different platform for support services. Please use one of them to access our support channels. 


Arute Solution Service Desk

Telephone: +90 538 590 5662

Scope of Support Services

Support services include the following activities

Customer Communications

• Information sharing

• Issue status updates

• Performing activities defined in SLA


• Monitoring software components (on cloud usage)

• Performance monitoring (on cloud usage)

• Generates system alarms on failures (on cloud usage)


• User Guides

• Release notes on Updates & Upgrades

Software Updates & Upgrades

Arute Solutions uses continuous improvement methods for its products and services. Requests from customers or planned improvements in the product roadmap will be available to the customers within the period of validity of the agreement if they reach the release level. Each version will be documented for the customer together with the release notes. Features subject to additional license will not be covered on version upgrades.

Support Packages

Arute Solutions has 3 different support & maintenance package for customers.

Standard Support & Maintenance

Standard Support & Maintenance + On Site Support

Standard Support & Maintenance + On Site Support + 7/24 Support