Our Solution

Our market-leading solution offers financial and retail institutions a high-performance, multivendor cash management solution to better plan, monitor and execute in the cash supply chain. The solution optimizes replenishments and controls cash handling for all types of cash points – from ATMs, Deposit Machines, Cash Recycling Systems, Bank Branches, Teller Cash Recyclers to Cash Centers – analyzing cash demand signals, allocating currency across the entire supply chain, and instructing Cash-in-Transit companies (CiTs). The solution accurately predicts cash requirements or surplus using advanced forecasting algorithms and computes optimal replenishment cycles based on patented optimization technology. At the same time our solution helps make cash processes and their cost structures transparent and thus continuously provides guidance to take for further optimization steps. Our solutions draw from scientific methods of operations research, econometrics and software engineering.

Cash+™ Product Suite

Cash+™ Product Suite offers continuous and cost-effective cash management recommendations for each Cashpoints by analyzing their profiles with variaty of data such as past demands, current trends, seasonality, holidays and current events.



Routing+™ is a product that enables the cash operation of banks for Cashpoints(ATMs and branches), as well as the distribution operation of companies operating in sectors such as retail, logistics and fast consumption, with the help of route optimization, with minimum cost and maximum speed.