Cash Product

Cash+™ Product Suite

Cash+™ Product Suite offers continuous and cost-effective cash management recommendations for each Cashpoint* and analyzing their profiles with variaty data such as past demands, current trends, seasonality, holidays and current events. Cash+™ Product Suite creates timely and cost-effective cash transfer orders for each Cashpoint. *Cashpoints are ATMs, branches etc…

One of the most important operations in the banking industry is cash management. When cash management operations are performed using modern engineering and statistical-based methods, it has the potential to save money in terms of cash holding cost and transferred cash cost (CIT).

As Cash Management Technology evolves, your CIT scheduling model considers following  CIT operation constraints.
  • CIT operations cost structure as per your agreement with outsourcing organization;
  • Recycling machines;
  • BNA limits;
  • Cassette configurations;
  • Multi-currency cash;
  • Different reconciliation methods;
These are all details increasing the dimensions of the management philosophy and the model. By covering all the parameters and constraints, Cash+™ Product Suite structures an optimal balance between existing cost parameters by retaining the cash availability rate. You can save up to 20% of your ATM vault cash management costs, including operations, CIT cost, and interest payable, through sophisticated cost forecasting and optimization algorithms. Cash+™ Product Suite provides one of the highest predictive accuracies in the industry.


  • Idle Cash Optimization
  • Automated Cash Planning
  • End-to-End Optimization
  • Ensemble Algorithms (Improved algorithms via industry and academic research)
  • Time to Market (Faster Implementation and Integration)
  • Integration with various ATM types and models (Recycle, with/without BNA ATMs)
  • Broader Reporting Functions (Wide Array of Functions for Cash Management Operations)
  • Simulate with different parameters (Increase the precision of business decisions)
  • High accuracy in cash withdrawal and deposit forecasts
  • Ability to set parameters and configurations per Cashpoints
  • Speed to manage large Cashpoints network
  • Simulation and performance evaluation tools

Cash+™ Product Suite Modules

Simulation Module

Simulation Module is a module that allows customers to simulate the results obtained with the help of the Cash+™ Product Suite product without realization and allows the customers to carry out various tests over possible scenarios.


What-If Scenarios with different parameter combinations (ATM Configuration Recycle vs BNA-only, Banknote Deck Sizes, Interest Rate, CIT costs and transfer metrics, Critical Margin, Parities, Insurance Limits, Forecast Margin).

Compare and analyze different replenishment plans.

Fast business decisions with less effort.

Data driven analysis.

GeoAnalytics Module

Enables location power of Cash+™ Product Suite with Geographic Information System capability. Allows users to track real-time* ATM Cash Levels on the map by using dynamic symbology. Builds location based decision support & visualization platform.


A network at your fingertips from global to local regions on the map

Rich POI, Demographic and Socio-Economic data as Heatmaps

Street View Integration to better view on field

Transaction Heatmaps

Filter ATMs by TRX Amount, Replenishment Status, Critical Cash Level, Model, ATM Type Recycle, BNA etc., Region and City

Actual & Planned Replenishment Status and Amount per ATM

Cash Level Charts per ATM

*Depending on data provided to Cash+ Suite.

Advanced Planning & Reporting Module

Advanced Planning & Reporting Module is a module that can be integrated on Cash+™ Product Suite and increases the efficiency of the Cash+™ Product Suite product with additional features such as advanced reporting, monitoring, notification and warning and warning the user.

More accurate results
Less Cashouts and superior customer experience
Effective Performance monitoring
Advanced Forecast Quality Reporting Module
Dynamic Safety Margin
Change point Detection
Abnormal ATM Pattern Detection
Outlier Identification
User defined performance and configuration alarms
Accurate analysis and actions
Automated reporting for selected ATMs