Routing Product


Routing+™ is a product that enables the cash operation of banks for Cashpoints(ATMs and Branches), as well as the distribution operation of companies operating in sectors such as retail, logistics and fast consumption, with the help of route optimization, with minimum cost and maximum speed.


Routing+™ creates the optimal set of routes for a fleet of CIT vehicles, with adjustments to meet the new requests during the operation.
While reducing the transportation, replenishment, removal, and interest costs, Routing+™ considers fulfilling all relevant KPIs to improve service quality.
Routing+™ helps to calculate the optimum routes of these vehicles in line with the criteria set by creating distribution plans based on vehicle. With Routing+™, it is ensured that companies use the shortest and fastest route to reach their customers. Thanks to the system created for field teams, you can easily plan your field teams. It is possible to re-plan and steer the field teams for out-of-plan situations.


Geographical and time based clustering
Consider vast number of operational constraints
Find the optimum set of routes for vehicles based on requirements
Use advanced Operations Research algorithms
Create analysis reports for each vehicle
Minimize total distribution costs while fullfiling customer needs